The Saginaw Piecemakers Quilt Guild Presents

The 27th Annual Quilt Show

'Stars ... Like Diamonds in the Sky'

March 27-28, 2009


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Best of Show

Bonnie Call

Piece of Cake Design

Hand Quilted

Daniel Herman - quilted by Dawn Pawlak

A Quilt for My Dad

Hand Applique

Bonnie Call

Piece of Cake Design

Mixed Technique

Brigette Markey

Golden Harvest

Machine Quilted

Elizabeth Priest - quilted by Tam Murphy

Oriental Stars

Machine Pieced

DeeAnn Pawley

Infested by an Aphid

Hand Pieced

Judy Collier

Primitive Primer

Machine Applique

Carole Titsworth



Alice Chapman

Crow's Choice

Art/Original Design

Nancy Baillargeon


Tied Quilt

Judy Ziozios

Dad's Quilt

Youth ... 17 & Under

Hannah Mossner

Purples and Brights

Viewers Choice
Large Quilt

Bonnie Call

Piece of Cake Design

Viewers Choice
Medium Quilt

Joyce Putnam

Scenes for a Geisha

Viewers Choice
Small Quilt

Connie Harris

Remember When

Viewers Choice

Karen Bauer

Sweatshirt Jacket with Knit Sleeves

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